South Hostel Cádiz: holidays according to your needs

South Hostel Cádiz is located in one of the most central streets of the historic part of the city. You will have a place to rest and much more. We know the city very well and we have what you are looking for. Therefore, in South Hostel Cádiz we offer you services and activities that will make your visit a complete experience.

The city of Cádiz is a three-thousand-year-old city, it is the oldest in the West. This city can always offer you something to surprise. Despite being so small it is located on a peninsula that goes into the Atlantic Ocean and can not continue to grow beyond its natural limits. They call Cadíz “a silver cup” for having its special charm and for its endless beauty.

Our center South Hostel Cádiz

The facilities of South Hostel Cádiz are located in an old colonial building built in 1888 and restored later for its current use. Due to this fact they have been able to maintain the main manorial elements of the primitive building: very high ceilings with wooden beams and large interior spaces.

In addition, all rooms have large windows or balconies of the style of the 19th century. It also has a kitchen-dining room that is fully equipped to enjoy a nice free breakfast for our guests.

We want to make it easy for you at South Hostel Cádiz.

In South Hostel Cádiz you have at your disposal not only a place to rest. Our team has thought about all your needs, about what you are looking for: it’s an alternative, different experience for the holidays that you deserve. Whether you travel alone, in a couple or in a group we will help you to organize your trip according to your needs. For that reason, we have designed a whole set of additional services so you can relax and just enjoy the experience.

Discover everything we can do for you. You can easily rent a bike to explore the entire city which has an excellent cycle lane. We also have a surf and kitesurf school; we offer classes, equipment rent, and shop so you can enjoy the sea waves in a comfortable and safe way. And also we have different types of organized activities. Get free information: we will help you to organize an unforgettable experience!


South Hostel is much more than a hostel. We have created a series of services for our guests that were designed specially for your needs. It became possible thanks to the gathered experience after so many travelers who have visited us until today. So with our South Hostel Service Center you can completely enjoy the experience in unique places such as Cádiz and Tarifa; you will only need to decide what you´d like to do most.

Enjoy with South Hostel in Cádiz: a city that has everything

South Hostel Cádiz is located in the city center of Cádiz It is a privileged place for its nature as well as for its culture, history, traditions… Thus staying in South Hostel Cádiz you will always have close to you the most emblematic monuments of the city such as the Genovés Park and the Alameda, the Museum of Cádiz, the Tavira Tower… And you will be a few meters away from one of its best-known beaches – La Caleta beach.

You can also walk along the nearby streets that remind us, as Carlos Cano was signing, the old Havana and its Malecón. There is a popular district of La Viña next to La Caleta which is the main spot of joke dumb shows (locally called “chirigotas y comparsas”) during the Carnival, there is also a fishing area where you can taste the best of Cadiz cuisine.

Besides, South Hostel Cádiz is located in a very quiet part of the city to relax, but also it is a very busy area for locals and visitors. This is because it is located in one of the most commercial parts of the city where some of the leading international fashion brands have their stores.

Cádiz is a city that has it all: you can have a rest and disconnect yourself like nowhere else. But you also have a city with the thousand-years history that will transform your visit into an unapproachable experience.

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